Tamales de Mole Poblano with Banana Leaves





1 recipe Masa for Tamales

1 recipe Mole Poblano con Pavo

5lb bundle fresh banana leaves (2kg)


Follow the instructions for the recipes listed above. Once those tasks are completed, you will then need to prepare your banana leaves for making the tamales.

Cut away the stiff spine on each leaf, and cut the leaves into sheets thar roughly measure 8″x8″ (20cm x 20cm). Wipe each leaf clean with a damp cloth.

Heat a griddle on the stove. Using a spatula, wilt the banana leaf on the hot griddle until the color changes from vibrant green to dull green. Once it is wilted, spread a large spoonful of masa across the leaf, and then add a portion of the mole poblano con pavo (see example in photo.) Fold the edges of the leaf over to form the tamal (do not roll like a pinwheel.) Fold into a bundle, and place in a steamer.

Fill the steamer with water, and begin to heat on the stove. Once the water is boiling, begin to time your steaming tamales. With larger tamales, the steaming should take 45-60 minutes. Check a sample tamale by unfolding it. Opaque dough is a sign that the tamales are not completely steamed. If you find an opaque spot, simply return your sample tamal to the pot, and steam for 15 more minutes.



IMPORTANT!! Make sure your steamer does not run out of water. If the steamer runs dry, the pot will scorch and impart an ashy burnt flavor to your tamales.