Pitcher Pineapple Margaritas for an excellent party

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1 tbsp. margarita or kosher salt (12g)

1 tbsp. granulated sugar (12g)

1 tbsp. chile powder (8g)

1 packet lime juice crystals (<1g per packet)


28 fl. oz. fresh pineapple juice (3.5 cups/828ml)

2 fl. oz. fresh lime juice (1/4 cup/88ml)

6 fl. oz. tequila (3/4 cup/118ml)

3 fl. oz. triple sec (1/3 cup/88ml)

4 cups ice (1lt)


To prepare the rimmer, combine the rimmer ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Pour the rimmer onto a plate.

Prepare the glasses by rubbing a lime wedge around the rim of the glass. Invert the glass over the plate of rimmer to coat the rim.

Pour the pineapple juice, lime juice, tequila and triple sec together into a pitcher and stir. Place ice cubes in the prepared glasses and pour in margarita.

For a pitcher of frozen margaritas, pour the pineapple juice, lime juice, tequila, triple sec into the container of a blender. Add the ice and blend until smooth.



to make ice cubes with pineapple juice, each ice cube tray typically holds about 32 oz of juice. (about 1 litre)