Refried Beans



2 tbsp. vegetable oil, lard or bacon drippings (30ml)

2 cups cooked beans  (342g – either pinto, black, pink or mayocoba)

Bean broth as needed (liquid from cooked or canned beans)

Salt & pepper to taste

Optional garnishes:

Chopped cilantro

Crumbled queso cotija, queso fresco or shredded cheddar


Add the vegetable oil to a 1 ½ qt skillet (1.5lt) and heat over medium flame. Add the cooked beans and a spoonful of the bean broth. Mash the beans in the skillet until they reach the consistency you prefer. Add more broth for thinner consistency or for thicker consistency, allow the beans to sauté for more time. Season with salt & pepper to taste. Garnish as desired.


To make Refried Beans with Onions & Tomatoes, before you add the cooked beans to the heated pan, sauté 2 tbsp. of chopped onions (20g) for two minutes until translucent.  Add 2 tbsp. chopped seeded tomatoes (22g) and saute for another minute. Add the cooked beans and follow the recipe as described above. Please see video for more instructions.