How to Make Old Style Ranch Buttermilk (Jocoque)

These are basic instructions for making jocoque at sea level, in our hot climate. If you are interested in making your own jocoque, make sure you read more about home dairy processing in your area. The techniques for fermenting milk vary in colder climates, and different altitudes.



1 gallon of milk

1 cup store bought buttermilk (preferably with Bulgarian culture)


Heat the milk to approximately 86°F (30°C). Pour the heated milk into a clay pot, and add the store-bought buttermilk. Allow the jocoque to stand at an ambient temperature of 70°-85°F (21°-30°) for approximately 48 hours, until the milk has thickened. Once the jocoque is thick and cultured, store the entire clay jar in the refrigerator.

When making more jocoque, simply add the heated milk to the jocoque clay pot, and allow to thicken at ambient temperature for 48 hours. Do not wash the jar between batches of jocoque, as you will be washing away the valuable culture needed to thicken the milk. If the jar does get washed, simply start your jocoque following the same method noted above.