Homemade Sauerkraut



2 heads of cabbage

Pickling salt as needed


Wash and core the cabbage. Remove the outer leaves, but reserve the leaves for the fermenting crock. 

Cut the cabbage heads in half. Using a mandoline slicer shred the cabbage as finely as possible. 

Fill the bowl of an electric mixer with as much cabbage as will fit. Add. 1 tbsp. (12g) of pickling salt to the bowl with the cabbage,  and lock down the mixing head. Mix the cabbage on the lowest speed so that the shreds bruise and release liquid. Mix for 10 minutes. Pour the contents of the mixing bowl into the pickling crock. Continue until all of the cabbage has been mixed, salted and packed into the pickling crock. 

Press the cabbage shreds down into the crock so that they are submerged in liquid. Place the whole leaf of cabbage over the top, covering the shreds completely. Tuck the edges of the cabbage down around the interior wall of the crock to form a seal. Press the leaves gently so that they are submerged in the liquid. 

Place a ceramic weight or an improvised weight (see my improvised weight in photo above) on top and cover. 

Allow the crock to rest for 2 weeks at room temperature so that the sauerkraut ferments. Once the fermentation time has passed, transfer the sauerkraut into smaller containers for storage in the refrigerator. 

Best used within 90 days.