Salsa Macha

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2 cups olive oil (480ml)

4 oz. dried chiles*, stems removed

56 cloves peeled garlic

1 tsp. sea salt (4gr)

¼ cup raw peanuts (30 gr)

1 tbsp. sesame seeds (10 gr)

1 tbsp. white vinegar (15 ml)

1 tbsp. brown sugar (12 gr)


Heat one cup (240ml) of olive oil in a medium skillet, until the olive oil reaches approximately 300°-325°F (148°C-162°C). Add the garlic and chiles, which should fry softly if the olive oil is at the correct temperature. Add the peanuts and sesame seeds. Turn off the heat but allow the ingredients to fry as the pan cools down.

Stir the pan carefully to coat the chiles and garlic evenly with the olive oil, allowing them to brown evenly. Carefully remove the chiles and garlic to the container of a blender. Add the sea salt, vinegar, and brown sugar. Add the remaining cup of olive oil and blend the ingredients until the mixture is a paste, but not a puree.

The ground chiles may separate a bit from the olive oil. Store in a covered container in the refrigerator.


I used dried chile de arbol (super spicy) for the salsa you see in the pic, but you can use other chiles such as dried pasilla (very mild), or dried chile chipotle (smoky & spicy), or dried chile ancho (very mild). You can even mix the chiles if you like. Just remove the top stem before your add them to the pan. Leave the seeds.